Wanna hear a funny Joke…..

So Me…… being me walks inside a class stands their look around people staring at me

So i yelled yellow blue

One of the class mate said She said lay low blue 

So everyone lay’d low on the ground so i yelled louder and said Yellow blue 

Everyone got up and yellow blue?

I said yeah yellow blue go around and say yellow Blue and see who can think yellow blue means and say the meaning 

Everyone started laughing so i said okay i dare you too 

So they all stopped laughing and did want i said


Who can say want yellow blue says when you say it really slow but normal speed  


Favorite Singers that i like….

  1. Taylor swift
  2. Thomas Rhett
  3. Luke Bryan
  4. Bebe rexha
  5. Carrie underwood
  6. Becky G
  7. Cardie B
  8. Dobro brothers
  9. Bts
  10. Alisha keys 
  11. Brett young
  12. Gwen
  13. Maddie&Tae  
  14. Miley
  15.  Blake 
  16. Ray J
  17. Ne-yo
  18. E&M
  19. Reba
  20. Jamie grace
  21. Frey 



Their is A LOT of singers i love but i can’t spell their names so Yeah I am their biggest fan

Broken Heart

Heart broken

Tears rolling down my face

Dreams come nightmares

Sight fading away

Heart been shot down

Sounds fading away

Things keep on going round and round crying so hard bleeding out of my eyes can’t see anymore…

Blind in the dark trying to get to where i want to go



Hi,You might know who I’m talking about but here goes nothing

You might see me here and their but whenever i see you i get butterflies and goosebumps and Whenever i see you i just know i can treat you better then She can because she said somethings to you that made you sad and Left you crying alone and just treated you badly and I just know that i’m always here for you and Just i don’t know how to say this

You deserve better then a person who treats you like you’re a nobody but You are someone you’re more then she will ever know

Whenever you need someone I’m here We both been though somethings so i kinda understand and You understand me sometimes and I know you don’t have a Blog but I hope someday you get a Blog and start following me I hope you read this and smile big


Te Amo

My dream

My dream Looks a lot like this sometimes whenever i see something wonderful or hear from someone i like it lights up my world knowing that they might like me back but i sometimes just dream they do and my dreams are sometimes like movies some are beautiful…Some are weird movies…Some are scary…But most of all I get to dream of my comfort little world here and their even when i’m wake i day dream of my little world whenever you see me zone out and staring at something you know i’m day dreaming of my comfort little world

When i glaze at someone or something my eyes zone out and this is want my vision looks like and i like the way it looks


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