Love can be anything

Love can be plain

Love can be beautiful

Love can be colorful

Love can burn

Love can drown us

Love can play tricks

Love can be cold

Love can be fun

Love can come and go

Love can be slow or fast



Beauty In Different Shapes


Beauty in Different shapes 

Beauty is like a flower, 

It comes in different colors

It comes in different shapes

It comes in different size

It comes in different Smells…Want i mean is Bad flowers remind me of Bad people and Good flowers reminds me of Good people

It comes in different personally’s


Love is like air

Love can Blow away within you’re eyes

Love can burn like fire

Love can drown you like water

Love can go fast or slow

Love can break like Trees

Love can shredder like paper


Tears are like water

Tears run down your cheeks like a stream

Tears are like fears

Tears are like rain




No Make-up,Thoughts til 2am in the morning

So today i don’t have any make-up on for a least 2 days plus today is the 3rd day without any make-up and i have realized that i have small eyes and bright blue eyes and without Make-up powder i realized how pale i am and my sister, my youngest brother both said i look sick without make-up and plus i have realized that i haven’t been hungry like i use to and that my favorite pants are big to the point where i need a belt before i never needed a belt to keep my pants up and Also since i got out of riverdell i have not been cutting but i mean sometimes i still think that and my one friend moved away AGAIN once i get happy something bad happens and so sometimes i get happy but not too happy so nothing bad happens and i cry myself to sleep most nights and some nights i just lay in my bed and look up at the ceiling and think to myself about everything and i sometimes think myself to sleep and i talked with my guy best friend and everyday we talked on here and then he hasn’t been on and now i am wondering if i said or did something to upset him…….And last time i talked and seen him was when i was in 7th grade at New day chater school and no matter want happens we will ALWAYS be friends 

Love:Courtney Worthy  


Hello Everybody i am back….

Hey everyone, How are you guys and sorry that i haven’t been on i went to a hospital in January and Since i got out iv done some other stuff So now i am back on and Lately i been still feeling like A no body i still feel like i am still being pushed to the side and Forgotten about sometimes i, well for a few days now i’v Been trying to plug my ears and Nose and hold my breathe so it can go faster But i start getting pain chest and dizzy so that’s when i sit up and get teary eyes and I just think to myself and like why? Why am i doing this? Why did i try to overdose? Because in the middle of feb i toke 5 pills to make me feel numb which it worked and Made me fall asleep really fast and 2 days After that i tried 11 pills and it made me Kinda Weak and Sweat and Really tried so i just lay’ed down and closed my eyes and woke up the next morning And i was happy all i want to feel is Numb so i can be pain free but Can’t take this Anymore NO ONE TO TALK TO OR HANG OUT Only my closes friend Lives down the road by me And we been friends since She was 7 days and i was close to 6 months old when we became friends and since then we were friends with each other

Hold me?

I sometimes wish i can have someone to hold me though out the night and whisper in my ear that everything will be okay and someone who can wipe away my tears and someone to tell my problems too and who will listen to every word and who will listen til my tears dry up and someone to trust with my heart and someone to be their for me though my bad and good and someone to stop me from thinking about Taking some pills to take away the pain and who will tell me Everything will be okay and Again That doesn’t mean that i am happier since i got out of riverndal and that doesn’t mean that i still feel pain and that also doesn’t mean that i have thought about graping a knife and cut my wrist and see my blood running down my arm like my tears roll down my face at every night………I still wish that i had someone who will standby my side no matter want happens or want i am going though.

My Best day,Sad days also….

I love today because i hung out with my best friend last night and i slept over to and We dressed up into Characters and took pictures and listen to some music and i might be staying with my best friend/sister/cousin Tonight……The best part is that we grew up together since birth and I’m glade that i have her as my best friend because She’s helped me though my tough times and She lets me cry on her shoulder whenever i need to and The worst part is that i feel like a bad friend sometimes because when she is going though Something and she is feeling sad about something and I don’t know until i see her and when she is having a break down and thinking about Bad thoughts and I am NEVER their to stop her from thinking that kind of things………