Hold me?

I sometimes wish i can have someone to hold me though out the night and whisper in my ear that everything will be okay and someone who can wipe away my tears and someone to tell my problems too and who will listen to every word and who will listen til my tears dry up and someone to trust with my heart and someone to be their for me though my bad and good and someone to stop me from thinking about Taking some pills to take away the pain and who will tell me Everything will be okay and Again That doesn’t mean that i am happier since i got out of riverndal and that doesn’t mean that i still feel pain and that also doesn’t mean that i have thought about graping a knife and cut my wrist and see my blood running down my arm like my tears roll down my face at every night………I still wish that i had someone who will standby my side no matter want happens or want i am going though.


My Best day,Sad days also….

I love today because i hung out with my best friend last night and i slept over to and We dressed up into Characters and took pictures and listen to some music and i might be staying with my best friend/sister/cousin Tonight……The best part is that we grew up together since birth and I’m glade that i have her as my best friend because She’s helped me though my tough times and She lets me cry on her shoulder whenever i need to and The worst part is that i feel like a bad friend sometimes because when she is going though Something and she is feeling sad about something and I don’t know until i see her and when she is having a break down and thinking about Bad thoughts and I am NEVER their to stop her from thinking that kind of things……… 

Girls support group

Hi guys i am gonna tell you want i am doing today………

Today i am going to see my therapist today every Monday i see my therapist at 11:00 A.m But today is going fast so we forgot want time i was so now at 1:00 P.m in the afternoon i am going to see my therapist and talk to her for an hour and then come back home for a few hours and at 4:30 i got to be at my support group on time and be their for 2 hours and then come home and eat dinner and get ready for bed and wake up tomorrow morning and get all my school work done and get on my blog and write and read stuff and Ext. And then wesuday comes around and on wesuday night i am standing in front of the youth group and tell them about my  past and tell them how God changed my life around   


Memories And Moments

Remember the memories we shared together 

Remember the moments we shared together 

Remember the words we use to say to each other 

Remember the hugs we shared together 

Remember the laughs we shared together

Remember the smiles we shared together 

Remember the kisses we shared together 

Remember the tears we shared together 

Remember the fights we shared together 

            I do,Everyday i think about these things and i wonder if i ever cross you’re mind and i wonder if you feel the same way as i do and i wonder if you cry sometimes when you look at the picture book i gave you…….I will  tell you this someday when we date again i promise i will make everything better again 





Talking about how God gave me a sign.

Feb 1st 2018

     Hi everyone, i am going to tell you how God changed me around…..

First i’v been though a lot lately and Now i’v been going to a new church and i am new and i went away to get some help with my depression and get me better and now to me It seems like he gave me a sign and i kept telling him all last please take my life and please let me die i can’t take this pain anymore but yet on the 10th of last month i went somewhere for help but since i came back i went to a new church which is called New Hope and last night i went to the youth group and One of the youth pastor their and i sat down with that person and like i got saved when i was 13 but last year i went to church camp and i got saved again last year and Last night i told the person who i talked too i said that i thought want it meant but really i don’t know but Next week i am going to walk up and in front the teens who goes to youth group and tell them about my past and how i became depressed and How God Gave me a sign saying i need to live to spread his word around the world and get people to believe that they don’t have to fear nothing because God is in our hearts and How he helped me though my tough times………


                                                           THANK GOD FOR DIEING FOR US AND BEING BY OURSIDES THANK YOU 🙂 


Wrote by:Courtney Elizabeth Worthy 

..My Bubble..

                            My Bubble 

My bubble is an Invisible space around me……

Want it feels like inside my bubble? It can be fun and amazing sometimes 

Want i say when i feel like someone is not respecting my space? Leave me alone for awhile and like me have my own space 

How i respect my bubble space? I sometimes just stay by myself so i can have my own space and my self time alone 

Want i like about my bubble? I like my own bubble because it can be fun when i am away from drama 

Why we all need our bubbles? Because we all need our own spaces sometimes

How i respect other’s bubbles? How i respect other’s bubbles is to stay away from them when they say they need some space you know want i am saying


My bubble is my bubble and only my bubble but if i let you inside my bubble you should feel great about you’re self because i NEVER let anyone inside my bubble unless i like you so I like everyone who is following me thank you for everything 🙂