My love

My Love for you is beyond the galaxy 

My love for you is beyond the stars in the night sky

My love for you blossoms like flowers in the spring 

My love for you is  greater then anything 

My love for you is hard to explain 



Sweet Love

You’re smile is like the sun, It shines so bright

You’re laugh is as wonderful as a baby’s

You’re voice makes me fall down on my knees and weak in my knees

You’re hug is like a heater you warm me up

When you look at me while you’re talking…I get lost in you’re eyes it’s like a wonderland

You’re smell of you’re skin smells like a blossom in spring

You’re like a movie that i could watch over and over again

You’re sleepy voice when you wake up, it’s like my favorite sound in the morning……


Beauty In Different Shapes


Beauty in Different shapes 

Beauty is like a flower, 

It comes in different colors

It comes in different shapes

It comes in different size

It comes in different Smells…Want i mean is Bad flowers remind me of Bad people and Good flowers reminds me of Good people

It comes in different personally’s


Love is like air

Love can Blow away within you’re eyes

Love can burn like fire

Love can drown you like water

Love can go fast or slow

Love can break like Trees

Love can shredder like paper


Tears are like water

Tears run down your cheeks like a stream

Tears are like fears

Tears are like rain




No Make-up,Thoughts til 2am in the morning

So today i don’t have any make-up on for a least 2 days plus today is the 3rd day without any make-up and i have realized that i have small eyes and bright blue eyes and without Make-up powder i realized how pale i am and my sister, my youngest brother both said i look sick without make-up and plus i have realized that i haven’t been hungry like i use to and that my favorite pants are big to the point where i need a belt before i never needed a belt to keep my pants up and Also since i got out of riverdell i have not been cutting but i mean sometimes i still think that and my one friend moved away AGAIN once i get happy something bad happens and so sometimes i get happy but not too happy so nothing bad happens and i cry myself to sleep most nights and some nights i just lay in my bed and look up at the ceiling and think to myself about everything and i sometimes think myself to sleep and i talked with my guy best friend and everyday we talked on here and then he hasn’t been on and now i am wondering if i said or did something to upset him…….And last time i talked and seen him was when i was in 7th grade at New day chater school and no matter want happens we will ALWAYS be friends 

Love:Courtney Worthy